Lead: Christian Stamm, EAWAG

This WP combines insights from the other WPs on the role of scientific evidence for influencing pesticide governance in the past and today. This integrated view will elucidate the role of scientific evidence and its potential for transformation at different decision levels: from to farm management to policy regulations. The results from all WPs will be integrated within the conceptual framework that has been developed in WP 1 Eventually, this integration step will also lead to a refinement of the original framework.

WP 5.1 will produce different types of output. We aim at (a) descriptive-analytical scientific paper presenting how and under which circumstances scientific evidence (from different disciplines) may influence attitudes towards pesticide use, policy, and management at short, medium, and long terms. Based on these findings we may also identify best practices for enhancing evidence use at different levels. Finally, these insights shall also result in teaching activities by members of the project consortium to educate students on how to deal in an efficient and professional manner at the science–policy interface on pesticide governance and practice and beyond.