Transformation in Pesticide Governance

The Transformation

To simultaneously achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda in areas such as Biodiversity Conservation, Food Production and Consumption, a fundamental transformation in land use and agricultural production seems indispensable.

Different interests, needs, and priorities render this task a real challenge. So the general question arises:  How can we achieve successful sustainable transformation in areas of societal, economic, and environmental trade-offs?

To answer this question the TRAPEGO project focuses on pesticide use in agriculture in Switzerland; a cross-cutting theme where interests related to agricultural production are challenged by human and environmental health concerns.


The TRAPEGO webinar series will continue in the fall 2024. Exact dates and topics will be published on this website.

Lucca Zachmann was the first doctoral student in the Trapego project to successfully defend his dissertation! Congratulations!

The TRAPEGO webinar series will be continued in spring 2024. The exact dates and topics will be published on this website.

Our research on barriers to evidence use for sustainable pesticide policy and practice is now featured on the European Commission platform for evidence-based policymaking:

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  • Nachhaltiger Pflanzenschutz in der Landwirtschaft: Grundlagen für Politik und Forschung 25/07/2024
    Robert Finger, Jaap Sok , Emmanuel Ahovi , Sharmin Akter, Johan Bremmer, Silke Dachbrodt-Saaydeh, Carolien de Lauwere, Cordelia Kreft, Per Kudsk, Fatima Lambarraa-Lehnhardt, Chloe McCallum, Alfons Oude Lansink, Erwin Wauters, Niklas Möhring*  Europäische Länder haben sich ehrgeizige Ziele gesetzt, um die Risiken von Pflanzenschutzmitteln zu reduzieren (Schneider et al., 2023; Finger, 2024). Um diese Ziele […]

TRAPEGO project meeting, summer 2022